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Find Employee Names of a Company
Find Employee Names of a Company

Whether you are looking for employee information as a recruiter, headhunter, or entrepreneur, there is a sure-fire way to find anyone within a company, along with their contact details. Let us shed light on this issue today. It takes less than 5 minutes to register to the tool and start digging up the info you need. Get a demo so we can walk you through!

Method #1

Company Employee Search

Step 1

So, you need to look up the names of people who work in a particular company. All you need to do is have one single tool at your disposal. It’s called Closely: Sales Automation & B2B Contact Data Provider.

Now, let’s move to the actions

Create your account here:

Open the Lead Finder tab. It’s where our B2B contact database is located. Grab your prospects emails, phone numbers, find the name of employees, company info, employee skills, and much more.

Use “Company name” filter

This database contains 150+ mln records of contact information + firmographic data (company info, in other words).

If you know the name of a company, whose employees you’re seeking, simply type that name in the “Company name” filter. Like in the pic above.

Click on Search

Go through the results produced on your screen. Tick the needed records and save them to a CSV file. Create lead lists and reach out to your leads without leaving the tool.

Step 2
Step 2

Use any filter you like to get to the needed segment of leads. Type in company name or mix one filter with another one to run narrower searches. We update this database regularly so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your data.

Step 3
Step 3

Once you’ve found a person you were looking for, simply grab the needed contact info for whatever purpose you have behind this whole process. In Closely, you can send bulk messages to leads as well, by creating LinkedIn or Email automated campaigns.

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Build lead lists and segment audiences efficiently
Save the contact you were searching for in a lead list

Save one contact or groups of contacts into a lead list. Think up the name based on this group’s distinctive feature.

Run your lead lists

Manage your leads as in CRM. Move leads from one list to another. Run email verification right at place.

Export contacts along with contact data

Export leads along with their contact info in a CSV file. Use that file for your email campaigns, or enrich it in data enrichment tools.

Now, you’re ready to reach out to this chosen segment of prospects
Now, you’re ready to reach out to this chosen segment of prospects

Write a powerful email or go for LinkedIn outreach - Closely supplies you with enough contact data for all your leadgen needs. It will also automate connection request sending, sending of follow-ups and monitor the performance of your campaigns.

You can up your LinkedIn outreach game

from sending automated messages to using LinkedIn Network Intelligence, you can simply boost your sales in a matter of months. This is a true affordable miracle, we agree with that. But that’s not the only method of how to get the employee list of a company.
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Method #2

Search for the employee on LinkedIn and scrape their contact information

Use LinkedIn
Use LinkedIn

Go to LinkedIn and type the name of a company in the search field. The list of all its employees will be produced on your screen.

Select the needed contact
Select the needed contact

Select the contact you need and let the Closely extension show you this person’s email and other contact info.

Closely Surfer

Email Finder & Linkedin Scraping Extension

3 easy steps to install

1Install the extension in your browser
2Register your account on
3Log in to your account
Done! Go back to LinkedIn and start opening contact data of leads right on their LinkedIn profiles

Common Questions

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Can you automate company employee search?
You can find contacts, save their contact details in bulk and reach out to them, using LinkedIn automation.
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What contact details am I able to scrape using Closely?
Their names, emails (work and direct), phone numbers, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, company info.
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Is there any limit to export?
No, you’re only limited by the number of credits you’ve got.
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Can I find ANY company in your base?
Almost. You can try and see. We give 50 credits for free - so nothing can hold you back.