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Automate LinkedIn Connection Request

Automate LinkedIn Connection Request:
  • Send personalized messages
  • Save hundreds of hours of your time
  • Closely — Best LinkedIn network booster!

Automate LinkedIn Connection Request

Automation that drives real results! Advanced list-building features let you focus on audiences with the highest chances to convert.
Lead intelligence and Inbox with CRM features.🤩 What else don’t we know about how simple LinkedIn connection bots have evolved?

How do you benefit from adopting LinkedIn automation software plus lead intelligence?

How do you benefit from adopting LinkedIn automation software plus lead intelligence?
You boost LinkedIn connections
You boost LinkedIn connections

Did you know who Dennie from “123 Roof Solutions” is? Neither did we!

But she’s your connection since today.

A connection bot does all the “dirty work” for you. It generates hundreds of leads on autopilot. Sit back and relax. The tool will be sending connection requests and then follow-ups, just like a human would do. It will start sending messages at slow speed, and then accelerate. All these to ensure your account’s safety.

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You save up to 4 hours per day on manual work

We’ve calculated that leadgen tasks usually take up to 4 hours per day to complete manually
You create more personalized messages
You create more personalized messages

If you automate LinkedIn connections, it doesn’t mean you pump out those one-size-for-all messages.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate LinkedIn auto connect tool and boost your sales numbers without tainting your reputation and sounding cheap.

women in hat

Cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools already, but Closely is my favourite and the reason is simple: intuitively, easy to use, set and forget in the cloud. You don`t need to keep logging into LinkedIn for the automation to start which is a huge time saver. I grew my network to 3000 in 2 months without setting high limits.

See how our customers benefit from personalised messaging

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An auto connect bot with personalized messaging
An auto connect bot with personalized messaging
It’s done through the use of variables that get auto-populated with the contact info of your customers, such as:

  • First name
  • Second name
  • Company name
  • Industry
  • Location
Closely carries this out automatically. If you upload a CSV file with your leads’ contact info, make sure the document contains the name, second name and other information about your customers that you’re willing to use in your messages.

Se how to use variables and avoid sounding like a robot.

And that’s not it.
50+ personalized message templates
50+ personalized message templates

are there for you to find inspiration. We’ve put there sequences that are easy to tweak. Don’t leave your message feeling flat, not well thought out and impersonal to the customers.

You’ll find some generic scripts for a connection request message there as well.

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A LinkedIn connection bot

sends connection messages and auto messages after connecting on autopilot. It also provides actionable insights into your campaign performance. The outcome is:
people groupHundreds of auto-generated leads waiting for you inbox
shieldImproved strategies based on data-driven analytical insights
clockWealth of time saved
dollar signReduced costs on lead generation
suitcaseIs that it? Not at all. Powerful automation solutions also provide lead intelligence to boost your gains

As B2B sales are establishing themselves in the digital world, more attention is brought to Linkedin auto connect tools that simplify your workflow and boost LinkedIn connections at the same time.

However, when you automate Linkedin connections, you may not be aware of many more possibilities hidden in one tool (apart from automating LinkedIn connection requests and sending an auto message after connecting).

So, what else does automation software offer?

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Turn your LinkedIn prospecting into a lead converting machine
Turn your LinkedIn prospecting into a lead converting machine

Sales effectiveness is achieved through technology and streamlined processes. They’re built up to equip your team to provide the right solutions to your customers at every stage of the sales funnel. It’s impossible to achieve without advanced lead intelligence and routine automation.

First of all, LinkedIn Automation goes a long way. It opens up a world of possibilities for your team by doing repetitive work for you while the sales department saves time and conducts more intricate marketing and sales procedures.
A 132+ mln database of B2B contacts to refill your pipeline

Closely’s contact database is designed to make you connect directly with your potential customers. Find emails, phone numbers and other contact data of your prospects in our base. The pulled up results are right on the mark practically all of the time with astounding accuracy. It also adds leads to lists to ensure more sales as it automatically shortens the process of turning prospects into buyers.
Cost Reduction

Maybe you don’t even need a leadgen specialist? Finding audiences, writing a message sequence and tracking campaign performance can be delegated to a sales rep.
A tidied pipeline brightens up your day

Finally, you can get to work, knowing that a clean and neat workspace awaits you, instead of usual chaos. You can easily get access to information about your prospect, add tags and manage leads within the system, like in a lightweight CRM! By adding tags, you group people however you like, and become more efficient in your work. Stop wasting time tidying up workspace manually — let Closely take care of this. Our Network Management feature is built specifically to make it easy for you to arrange contacts within the system.

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You keep track of your conversations
You keep track of your conversations

A Linkedin auto connect tool lets you streamline the workflow completely: from contacts that are lined up the way you want it, to the conversations placed in your Inbox in the needed order. Thanks to tagging, you can easily group chosen conversations, according to specific criteria. Closely lets you increase deal-flow transparency and conversion.

Putting your conversations in order as you want is a valuable feature for a sales specialist.

Assign tags, add needed info about a conversation in notes, and glide through your conversations with ease.

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You run multiple campaigns to grow even faster

By connecting multiple accounts to Closely, you can expect to boost LinkedIn connections even quicker.

Simply connect as many accounts as you want and manage them in one Closely account.

You manage LinkedIn network and save on CRMs

Instead of overpaying for expensive CRMs, take use of Closely Network Management. Add tags and notes to your existing contacts and group people in a few clicks.

Drive customer satisfaction by creating more personalized offers for your existing network. Orchestrating your customer retention has never been easier.

You try LinkedIn data scraping and fall in love with it

Using Closely’s free extension, you can save your LinkedIn search results in lists, which helps in multi-channel outreach. Find emails, phone numbers, and other contact data of your future customers — just reveal info right on their LinkedIn pages.

Auto-set delays between messages and time zone configuration
Auto-set delays between messages and time zone configuration

Set up the timezone to match it with your audience’s and increase reply rate. Do the same with working days and hours to ensure your messages are delivered when your leads aren’t sleeping, hanging out or doing their things, unrelated to work.

The means to build segmentation
The means to build segmentation
Focus on customers that are more likely to convert by:

  • Uploading leads from LinkedIn groups, events, or posts
  • Creating highly-personalized messages with appropriate ice-breakers
Targeting the right people helps to create more effective ice-breakers. Being stumped on your next line or the right wording is going to decrease productivity tremendously. However, you always know how to start your conversation when dealing with narrower audiences.
Actionable insights to foster data-driven decisions
Actionable insights to foster data-driven decisions

Closely provides analytical insights that can be downloaded in a CSV to make your sales team plot their next course of action more efficiently. Tweak your strategies and track what works best for you.

…All this happens with your account staying totally safe

Closely guards your account 24/7. The point of integrating auto connect software with personalized messaging is to ensure you act on LinkedIn just like a human would. To set the seal on your total safety, we take measures. Listed below they are:

We always track the latest LinkedIn updates


We’re a cloud-based solution, meaning the potential risks of ban are reduced to almost zero (unless you do automation from a freshly new account or do manual automation at the same time). In contrast to extensions, cloud-based tools are much more reliable and safe

dollar sign

Every user gets their dedicated IP address. It means that there won’t be dozens of people doing activities from one address, only you. It eliminates the risks of getting banned


We use a warm-up feature that you can switch off. We recommend leaving it switched on, though, because it makes the tool send out a limited number of messages at first. However, you can set the number yourself and define how soon an auto message after connecting with a person should be sent out.

With the warm up feature switched on, the tool will be sending connection requests in a limited amount at first, and then will gradually speed up.

With us, you can rest assured your Linkedin auto connect tool adds up to your success, not wasting your time & money.
Need a script for your message sequence? Not a problem
Need a script for your message sequence? Not a problem

Drive your sales forward through compelling wording. Take use of Closely’s 50+ FREE TEMPLATES that are grouped according to their conversion goals.

Having some proven sequence templates at your fingertips are sure to make your gains soar!

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