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This disclaimer, hereinafter referred to as "the Disclaimer," establishes the legal position of Closely, the automation tool, in regard to the actions taken by LinkedIn, specifically with regard to the temporary or permanent suspension of LinkedIn accounts.

Closely hereby asserts that it shall not be held liable or responsible for any decisions made by LinkedIn concerning the temporary or permanent restriction of LinkedIn accounts.

Closely, as a diligent automation tool, firmly advises and notifies its users of the importance of adhering to LinkedIn's prescribed limits for activities, including but not limited to message sending, invitations, and the simultaneous use of other automation tools to facilitate LinkedIn processes. It is expressly acknowledged that any failure to comply with these limitations may subject the relevant accounts to increased scrutiny and monitoring by LinkedIn algorithms, potentially leading to the temporary or permanent restriction of said accounts.

Users are expressly and unequivocally informed that they bear full and exclusive responsibility for the outcomes arising from their actions, and any consequences resulting from LinkedIn's actions shall not be attributed to Closely.

It is hereby clarified that Closely shall neither entertain nor grant any requests for cancellations or refunds in connection with any repercussions experienced by the user's LinkedIn account.

By utilizing Closely's services, the user acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the terms of this Disclaimer, thereby accepting full accountability for their actions in connection with LinkedIn's policies and selective decisions.

This Disclaimer shall be deemed an integral part of the terms and conditions governing the use of Closely's products & services.