Schedule meetings

Meet Appoint by Closely

Four ways to
schedule events


Schedule meetings in one message. No more back and forth, finding times - just send them a link instead.

Group sessions

Hosting webinars, training courses or classes? Make up a timetable, share it with your peers and let them choose what and when to attend.


Need a hand? Automatically add your team members to a meeting once it’s booked.

Round Robin

Distribute meetings evenly between the team members, based on their availability.

All your favorite tools

Google Calendar, Microsoft Office Calendar, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Gmail, Outlook

At your service


Adjust the looks and add your brand logo

Get started

Display booking pages, embedded directly into website

Get started

Manage all your team bookings in one place

Get started

Built for all teams and goals


Book meetings with your prospects faster and use the spare time to nurture existing leads or close more deals.


Increase visit-to-demo conversion rate by offering a fast booking option that’s embedded directly into your landing page.

Customer success

Embed team booking links into your nurturing emails, so the customers could always get in touch whenever they need your help.


Book interviews faster than ever! Let your candidates choose the best time for a meeting and forget about the constant time-wrangling routine.

Information Technology

Offer your customers an option to book a call with your technical team and greatly reduce the deployment time of the products/software you provide.


No more attendance, schedule sheets and manual event creation. Build your own schedule with Appoint and simply share a universal link with all your peers, so they could choose the best time to attend.


$10 / month / calendar
1 main calendar (for bookings)
10 additional calendars (for checking conflicts)
Unlimited users
Personal and Group bookings
Customizable reminders and follow-up emails
Website embedding