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A LinkedIn automation tool is a valuable asset for a modern B2B sales specialist. It assists you in sourcing audiences from LinkedIn and sending message sequences on autopilot. It also provides valuable insights into your outreach campaign performances. With the help of Linkedin automation software, you can find leads on LinkedIn and engage them, sell and upsell — all within one tool.

Closely — A LinkedIn Automation Tool That Complements Your Style Of Work

Love to test new strategies? Sales are more like a game to you? Get geared up by technologies? You’ll feel at home in our community!
Closely is one of the most powerful LinkedIn automation tools that currently exist. It’s praised for being totally safe (a cloud-based solution) and for the useful set of features that are developed with the customer in mind.
Fully automated LinkedIn prospecting & LinkedIn marketing automation
Fully automated LinkedIn prospecting & LinkedIn marketing automation

Closely is a “set-it-and-forget-it” kind of software. It runs in the background, even with your laptop shut, while you’re sleeping, eating, driving or playing poker. It has a spotless, very intuitive interface.

From the moment you register your account to the first campaign launch, you’re supported and guided by our onboarding videos, content, or our live support chat.

Safety is paramount

We love to integrate new features, hands down, but they wouldn't have been developed without our primary focus and concern. And that’s your safety.

Closely is a cloud based solution. It means that it stays under the radar and won’t be detected by LinkedIn. With the help of a special warm-up feature, Closely mimics human behavior — your outreach activity will be done by a tool that acts like a human being.

Do you expect Linkedin automation software to speed up your whole outreach? It’ll be arranged. But first, in order to ensure you’re totally safe, Closely will try it at low speed.

It’ll send out a minimum amount of messages at first, ensuring that everything goes smoothly. Then, carefully, it’ll increase the number of messages sent per day until the perfect amount is reached.

And of course, this all will happen without you lifting a finger.

What do you need to know here:

Your LinkedIn password is fully encrypted. No one in the whole world can access it, even Closely’s developers
LinkedIn credentials are used to synchronize your LinkedIn and Closely accounts only. It does not give access to view and/or change any of your personal data.
You can disconnect your LinkedIn account from Closely anytime.
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Thousands of Closely customers are happy with their accounts staying in good hands. Unless you do outreach manually at the same time as the tool, or use a fresh-new account, you won’t get under suspicion of LinkedIn’s safety team.

Message personalization

People tend to skip messages addressed to “no one”. Add names, company names, job titles, and other personal information into your CSV file so the variables can be auto-populated with this data.

Connection message
Hi {first_name}!

My name is {my_first_name}. I specialize in Intellectual property law. I would like to connect with local entrepreneurs in {location}. I’ have the feeling we can be useful to each other. Would be glad to have you in my professional network.
1 Follow-up
Hey {first_name},

Thank you for connecting.)

Would you mind telling me a bit more about your product?
2 Follow-up
Hello {first_name}.

Unfortunately, I haven't heard from you. Is my message lost?
3 Follow-up
Hi {first_name},

Since I haven’t gotten a reply from you, I assume you’ve decided it’s not the right time to communicate.

It’s ok. Just wanted to say that I’m happy to connect. Maybe, some other time we can chat or get acquainted.

Take care,
Hyper-targeted lead lists
Hyper-targeted lead lists

Those experienced in B2B sales know that having your hand on the right audience sources is a good part of the job. Closely provides opportunities to build hyper-targeted prospect lists. Thankfully, LinkedIn is a B2B lead goldmine — you can source people from search results, groups, events, and even post comments.

Just provide a link to an event, group, or post and Closely will scrape the audience and build the list.

Reaching out to potential customers from a LinkedIn group, event or post means you’ll think up an ice-breaker almost effortlessly.


Hi {first_name}!

I see we’re both members of the Facebook group (group name). I reached out to you as a fellow user interested in (mutual interest).

It would be great to connect with a like-minded person!


Make use of 50+ ready-to-use templates, grouped by conversion goals
Make use of 50+ ready-to-use templates, grouped by conversion goals

Don’t know how to begin your first message? We’ve been there. No worries — now you can take a glimpse into our best-performing sequences, grouped by their conversion goals and type of personalization.

Track your campaign’s performance

Go to your campaigns dashboard to see how your campaigns perform. Pause, edit or delete campaigns.

Messages to your network

Closely is one of the most robust LinkedIn Marketing Automation solutions. Text your network within seconds, grouping people accordingly prior to starting your campaign. Apply custom tags to any groups of people from your network and access them within seconds. Message any group of people and run multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Inbox = Lightweight CRM

Forget about Google Spreadsheets for good. Now you can manage all your conversations in Closely Inbox. It’s a delight to use: add tags and notes to your conversations, making your whole workflow a breeze. Easily filter conversations to get your hands on the needed one whenever it’s required.

LinkedIn Network Intelligence
LinkedIn Network Intelligence

Some of the best automation tools offer outreach on autopilot. Not that many provide useful add-ons though, like network management. However, it’s a very handy functionality that improves the workflow of a sales rep greatly.

Use LinkedIn Network Intelligence to group people from your network and reach them within seconds. Closely offers a light version of CRM to connect to your network — an absolute breakthrough in the world of B2B sales.

See your network in the new light! How many leads can be generated from your existing connections — it’s for you to discover. Our head of growth shared his ideas on how to use this functionality and generate leads easily.

Apply tags to your contacts to easily group them according to your criteria. Add any custom tag. Similarly, as in Inbox, add notes to your contacts so the rest of the sales team has access to some details about the prospect (that you consider important to note).

Easily find needed contacts within seconds — just filter all contacts by tags.

Find leads in our 150-mln-record database
Find leads in our 150-mln-record database

Find prospects’ contact data — emails (work and direct), phone numbers, company info, and FB profiles.

Simply filter as you want and the tool will produce a ready-to-use list of prospects. Trade your credits for contact data.

Closely Surfer - a free extension to assist you in lead generation

Install and use Closely Surfer for free to download results of LinkedIn searches and reveal contact information right on LinkedIn pages.

Ready to bolster your sales?

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How does Closely LinkedIn Marketing Automation work?

Now, to the most interesting part. How do I begin? Very simple.


Sign up using your email address


Connect your LinkedIn account (remember, we don’t have access to your personal data). Watch our onboarding videos to help you throughout the process


Create your first campaign


Wait and enjoy the lead influx. Go to your Inbox to jump into conversations

Advantages Closely LinkedIn Automation Software

Nothing keeps you from trying various tools for lead generation. Some of them cover multiple platforms. However, Closely is praised for its:

Clean and comprehensive interface

We value the ease of work ourselves and want our customers to feel at ease using our product.

Focus on safety

Cloud based solution that immediately brings you up to the next level in your sales game. Let your conversations flow and your sales skills bloom to their fullest without anything holding you back.

50 free credits for everyone

No need to buy a “pig in a poke” — start your free trial and use 50 credits to open contact details and see whether Closely is that very tool that will help you play your cards right.

High-quality data vendor with a sufficient data coverage

In the world of B2B sales, accurate and accessible data sits at top priority. Closely explicitly states compliance, as well as data quality and completeness. Find your prospects’ emails, phone numbers in our database that’s refilled regularly. Try it out for free.

Always ahead of competitors

With Closely in your tool arsenal, you can be sure you stay way ahead of competitors. Foster a growth mindset within your organization, glean valuable insights and tips from Closely Community, learn from others, and be open to experimentation.

Common Questions

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How many connection requests can I send per day?
We recommend starting with 10-15 per day.

Closely sends from ANY account during a warm-up period per day:

  -  10 connection requests & messages in the first 1-5 days
  -  Up to 20 connection requests & messages (5-15 days)
  -  Up to 30 connection requests & messages (15-25 days)
  -  Up to 50 connection requests & messages (after 25 days)

You can turn off the warm-up feature and set your own limits.
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Can I personalize my messages in Closely?
Sure deal. Just make sure that your CSV file contains the needed rows — your prospect’s name, company name, and other data (if you provide a CSV file as a source of your audience). If you provide the link to a LinkedIn group, event, or post, our LinkedIn automation tool will fill out variables automatically. You can add the first and second name of the recipient, your first and second name, their company names, and job titles.
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Can I sync multiple accounts?
Yes, you can sync multiple accounts with your Closely account. 1 seat = 1 account. You can connect as many accounts as you want and run them in your Closely cloud based account.
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Can I integrate Closely into my CRM?
Yes, we’re planning to roll out webhooks pretty soon.
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Can I automate email outreach in Closely?
Soon you’ll be able to automate your email outreach in Closely as well. This functionality is going to be rolled out.
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What’s LinkedIn marketing automation?
This term refers to all tools for lead generation that work with LinkedIn platform. It can be a tool that purely automates LinkedIn prospecting or the one that also helps in your marketing activities. For instance, Closely is both LinkedIn automation software and LinkedIn marketing automation because you can put your outreach on autopilot here, and also fish up emails and other contact data for your marketing activities. You can also automate messages to your network if you need to retain your current customers

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