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Automated LinkedIn Messaging

It’s no secret that B2B leadgen specialists focus on LinkedIn and email as two key channels for leadgen. Such things as automated LinkedIn messaging become a must-have, as this channel produces more and more ways of enticing your audiences.v

But what should you know today to pave your way to success in B2B sales? What’s Linkedin outreach automation and why is everybody so obsessed with it? What pitfalls are there and how can you automate messages to linkedIn connections safely?

Is LinkedIn worth it? The short answer is: YES!

LinkedIn Members
LinkedIn Members

LinkedIn is the only social media platform designed specifically for building professional relationships. 810 mln users, 65 mln decision makers, 27% of full-time employees have their profiles there. Professional content, live streaming, automated linkedin messaging, data-driven insights, and lots of places from where you can start pumping high-quality leads right into your pipeline. These all are about LinkedIn.

What’s Linkedin automation and why do you need it?
What’s Linkedin automation and why do you need it?

This social platform is considered to be #1 tool for generating leads. If you mix it up with email, integrate third-party tools, test various strategies, you double your chances of getting ahead of competitors and establishing a solid lead flow-in. LinkedIn is, hands down, an important player in your B2B marketing strategy.

Try top-tier LinkedIn automation + Network Management for free

LinkedIn automation is the process of automating your LinkedIn outreach, meaning you let the tool do repetitive tasks of lead generation instead of you, like sourcing audiences from LinkedIn, sending automated message sequences, and tracking outreach campaign results.

Of course, letting the tool do manual tasks for you is not just a nice thing to have, it’s very desirable, especially if you don’t have that many resources to hire outreach specialists. Here is what you receive by integrating the Linkedin automation tool.

Time and resources saved
Time and resources saved

This image shows an approximate estimation of how many hours daily you spend doing repetitive leadgen tasks. We’ve calculated that 37,5% of all leadgen tasks are routine manual jobs:Finding peopleOpening profilesSending messagesCreating a Google Spreadsheet file, filling in dataTracking inboxFinding those who didn’t reply, follow-uping them

You become much more productive

Of course, you become much more productive when all the repetitive tasks are done by a Linkedin automation tool. Because you can actually focus on what matters most — closing deals.

The majority of such leadgen tools

will do all the initial leadgen routine instead of people: sourcing audiences, inviting people to connect, sending follow-ups, keeping track of everything that’s going on in one place, letting you see “the picture” and make better decisions.

Besides, you don’t always know what your salespeople are busy with throughout the day. But you can be 100% sure that tool will do what it’s programmed to do…and will do it faster.

Try top-tier LinkedIn automation + Network Management for free

Content creator’s note

In a perfect world, you create a product when there is a clear product-market fit and quickly gain fans.
But in reality, sometimes, you need to make peace with the fact that you will have to sell your product. :))

Now, the B2B world is just the same — you sell to people, not robots, so it all boils down to simple mathematics: you rely
on a LinkedIn automation tool in sending out messages non-stop, and get creative with your texts… (or not — it’s up to you).

Imagine that outreach is a big lake. If you throw a rock into water, it creates ripples — at first, small ones and then they turn into bigger ones.


Small ones are people who won’t ever get interested in your product, the bigger ones are those who will become your customers. So, you have to toss rocks all the time and keep the water disturbed.


Otherwise, nothing happens. Bigger ones won’t happen without LOTS of small ones…You can’t throw rocks manually all the time, but the tool can. It will “keep the water disturbed” even when you sleep.


Outreach expanded

Some of the best Linkedin automation solutions also let you expand your outreach by:

Letting you sync multiple Linkedin accounts
Overcoming weekly LinkedIn connection limits (wherever possible)
It means that you’ll grow your network much faster and will be able to connect with more people per a certain period of time.
Multiple LinkedIn accounts within one account
Multiple LinkedIn accounts within one account

More nets let you catch more fish. Easy as this.

“Set more nets” using multiple accounts. Connect as many accounts as you want (even all the accounts of your team members) within one Closely account and run multiple campaigns at once.

Boosted ROI

LinkedIn automation tools are huge time-savers, but not only. Some of them foster more precise targeting (that your sales team picks up), letting you connect with high-quality leads rather than reaching out to groups of people with low interest.

How do they do that?

They provide the opportunity to build targeted lead lists — not only people from LinkedIn search results, but from LinkedIn groups, events, posts.

What does a Linkedin automation tool look like?

You may think that a leadgen tool is some LinkedIn message sender bot — and you’ll be correct.

At its core, an automation tool is a bot that visits profiles and sends messages instead of you. But some of the tools are more complex systems.

Closely is a top-tier LinkedIn automation tool

that combines together the most needed and valued leadgen features

The ability to create outreach campaigns and run them on autopilot
Campaign performance tracking and reporting
Building lead lists by providing links to different sources on LinkedIn (search results, group, event, posts — to scrape commenters)
Variables auto population with data (first name, second name of the recipient, their job titles, company names — to create personalized messages)
The ability to message your network in a few clicks (filtering and grouping people prior to this)
Embedded Inbox with CRM features (where you can tag and filter conversations)
Your account in cloud looks like this

It’s an intuitive and easy-to-navigate dashboard that, apart from many similar solutions that complicate things, makes outreach a breeze.

Most automation tools are based on the very same core feature — it’s “automated group messages” that lets you text different groups of people in a few clicks and grow your network at speed.

What about LinkedIn InMail?

Is there a way to automate LinkedIn InMail — you may think. Some of the Linkedin automation tools provide such functionality. However, since InMail is a paid LinkedIn feature, many consider this juice not worth the squeeze.

How to send automated messages on LinkedIn: 3 easy steps to begin using the tool. You may think that such tools are very complicated and you’re required to have some tech skills to tackle it. It’s not really like this.

g2G2 Marketing Solutions
star rating

Closely is super-comprehensive and is praised for its easiness. You can read what our users think about it

To start using it, you only need two things

Your LinkedIn account
Willingness to use it and learn
Creating your personal account

We know that you’re thinking “how do I quickly automate outreach and call it a day”, yes, it is going to happen, but just a bit of patience, please. If you think you need more knowledge — we welcome you to join the Closely Community on Facebook. Join, read what others think, and become a part of the community. Learn quicker!

So, the first thing you do is create your account. Go to Closely’s authorization page. Hit “Sign up”

Provide your email and think up a password

Done. If you're asked to confirm your identity by typing the code, go to your email, find the code and type it into the field that will pop up.

Now it’s time to sync your LinkedIn account

Click on “Sync your LinkedIn account with Closely for free”.

We don’t have access to your personal data — you can freely share your LinkedIn credentials. We only use them to access your account so our tool can send messages to other users.

You can create your first campaign

If you need assistance with this step, feel free to ping our support in chat — they’ll help you out.

Once your account is synced, you’re ready to dip your toes and start your first campaign in Closely.

Let’s create your first automatic outreach campaign

First thing you need to do to automate your outreach is to provide a source of your audience. It’s a whole separate topic — how you segment your target audience.

Step 1
Select “LinkedIn Search”
Copy your search result link and paste it into the field where it’s required.

Don’t worry — we have the whole process overviewed in our onboarding videos, so you can sit, chill and learn how the tool works.

Proceed to your campaign creation. Here you should write as many messages as you want.
Hey {first_name},

My name is {my_first_name}. I’m {my_job_title} in {location}. I’m looking to connect with Georgian enterpreneurs.

Would love to have you in my professional network.
Step 2
LinkedIn automation: Connection message
In general, you have a few options of how to get your audience engaged, depending on your product and audience specifics:

  • engage through content
  • personal communication — you can never plan here but you can create initial messages correctly to jump into personal communication smoothly
In case you need inspiration here — visit, there are 20+ connection messages available, all generic.
Hey {first_name},

It’s great to have you in my network.

I’d love to learn a bit more about what you do at {company_name}. I work with a lot of companies, and pretty sure some of them may be looking for your services at some point.

I guess we could exchange some info.) Let me know if you’re open for a chat.
Step 3
In the first follow-up, we always have to say thank you for connecting, because:

  • it’s polite
  • nobody treats you well when you rush into someone’s life and start talking about what you need
The greatest part of outreach automation is that it allows you to run multiple campaigns and test different messages for different audiences.
Hello {first_name}.

I’ve got no reply from you. Perhaps you’ve missed my message.)
Hello {first_name}.

Still no reply from you. I guess you’ve decided it’s not the right time for us to communicate.

That’s totally ok. Just in case you’ve really lost my message — let me know. I’m interested in establishing professional relationships with you.

Best of luck.)
Step 4
Automated linkedIn messaging
Automated linkedIn messaging allows you to create as many follow-ups as you want.
Step 5
Run your campaign
Once your campaign is created, hit Run and that’s how it’s done.

All your campaigns will be displayed in your dashboard. It’s easy to see which one works well and which one lags behind.
PDF Guide

In a few words, you segment your audience by defining geographic, business sector & their job titles — that’s a good thing to start with. Filter your potential customers accordingly on LinkedIn. You also need to think about who makes decisions within target companies.

Closely Surfer

Once you have the results of your search, you can either use Closely Surfer — a free extension to download results of your search to a CSV file (if you’d like to enrich this file with emails for your email outreach campaigns later), or go to “create campaign” > “connection request+follow-ups”.

Ready to see your sales numbers soar?

Let’s discuss your current outreach struggle and see how Closely can assist!

So, why Closely? Why opting for automatic Linkedin messaging by Closely? Thousands of users already experienced what can be done with Closely at your disposal.

It doesn’t matter whether you go to AppSumo, G2, Capterra or Product Hunt — you can read honest feedback that our users provide. We don’t consider ourselves tops of the world, but we think Closely gives great value for its price. Easy as that.

Let’s walk quickly through each of the steps that you take

Your safety is the priority
Some competitive products provide similar features as Closely, but it’s not really worth it if you’re constantly at risk of losing your account. Closely works in the cloud which means LinkedIn won’t detect it, unlike the situation with extensions. Read more about how to avoid the LinkedIn ban here

To fully protect your account, Closely:

  • uses a dedicated IP-address that’s based in your own country
  • lets you schedule your actions within your prospects’ working hours and days
Warm-up feature
Closely won’t pump out hundreds of messages at start. We will be automating the same amount of actions a person would do and then gradually increasing the number.

It’s done to ensure your account acts like a human being, not a robot.
UI that helps, not weighs you down
We’ve built Closely with the customer in mind. At first, Closely was just an auto message sender bot to use inside the team (when we worked on another product).

This bot helped us come from 0 to 1,5 mln in revenue in 1,5 years using cold outreach only (almost no investments in marketing). Then we thought that it would be cool to let others incorporate it and try B2B outreach at speed. So, we invested in the UI to make it really easy-to-navigate. We use it ourselves and hit our goals all the time. New goals, same Linkedin automation tool.

Being aware of how important it is to have the automation tool that “flows in your rhythm”, we put emphasis on UI. You can read lots of reviews, a big number of which start with mentioning Closely’s interface.
Ahead of competitors
At Closely, we always try new things: we want to take the best possible features that currently make sense in B2B sales, and make them available to everyone. We build, try, and remove if something is not of any value. Being a part of the Closely community means embracing a certain style of life: if you’re enthusiastic about growth hacks, if you love to learn new things and are passionate about technologies, — you’ll like to be a part of the Closely community.

Build targeted audience lists

In Closely, you can build targeted audience lists by providing a link to a LinkedIn group, event, or post if you consider that those are places where your target people hang out. You’ll write a more personalized message and won’t rack your brain over an ice-breaker.

Hello {first_name},

Found you in the biz Georgia group. I’m a lawyer, working with hundreds of Georgian companies. I specialize in Insurance Law and Intellectual Property Law.

Would be glad to have you in my professional network.

Build targeted audience lists

Every leadgen specialist needs to test various audience sources. Niche groups, events and content on LinkedIn are places where your target audience may spend time. It may not — but your obligation is to try it.

PDF Guide

This guide explains more about how to hook in high-quality leads on LinkedIn using Closely

PDF Guide

This guide explains more about how to hook in high-quality leads on LinkedIn using Closely

LinkedIn group messages to your network

Need to message your network in one click? That is not a problem. Just group people according to your criteria and message them in a minute, in your Closely account.

Network Management

See your existing network’s potential. Easily find needed contacts because now your LinkedIn network has CRM features.
Simply assign tags to your LinkedIn contacts and easily filter them to access a needed contact. Add notes. Let Closely store all important information so it can assist you at the right moment.

Inbox that comes with CRM features

Get rid of Google Spreadsheet files for good. All conversations are saved and can be filtered in one place. Add tags and find a needed conversation in seconds. Let Closely store all important details that can come in handy in your communication — no need to overwhelm yourself with lots of information.

Sequence templates to fire you up

Feel like stagnating with your messages? No worries — sneak into our best-performing sequences, sorted out by conversion goals. They’re FREE to use. These templates won’t certainly do all the work for you, but it’s good to see other’s approach to messages, and how people write, to unlock your own creativity. Some of our users reported back that these templates, even tweaked a bit, converted. Well, you never know.

10 useful tips to follow when automating linkedin messages


Start with defining your audience’s location and job titles


Glean info from free resources to learn how to send automated messages on linkedin safely and gain new skills


Tweak outreach strategies, wording and audiences


Connect multiple accounts to hit your business goals faster

many ways

Go multichannel: in this article, we’ve summarized how to use LinkedIn as a remarketing channel


Configure time zones to match your activities with your audience’s working days and hours. Always opt for a cloud-based automation solution.


Sell through personal communication + using content (create guides or videos that you can share with your audience)

with love

Don’t sell off the bat — connect and build relationships first

letter on the way

Use Closely’s Inbox with CRM features. Turn your regular LinkedIn inbox into a CRM system, where you can add tags, notes and improve your workflow greatly

group of people

Use Network Management — 

a free Closely feature to manage your existing network. Use Closely’s network messaging to reach out to your LinkedIn connections automatically. Group people according to your criteria and text them in a few clicks.

The power of lead intelligence to rock in B2B sales

Closely Surfer

Email Finder & Linkedin Scraping Extension