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LinkedIn Email Extractor:

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Your Powerful LinkedIn Email Extractor: Turn LinkedIn Into an Email Source
Your Powerful LinkedIn Email Extractor: Turn LinkedIn Into an Email Source

Email has established its strong position as a marketing and sales channel. In order to tackle email outreach, you need to have a responsive email base. You may even say that email bases are pillars of modern marketing.

But how do you build a strong email base that converts? Here comes LinkedIn email extractors — powerful software that lets you scrape (collect) emails from LinkedIn.

What are LinkedIn email extractors?
What are LinkedIn email extractors?

Those are software that aggregates contact data of your prospects from LinkedIn, providing you with structured data.

Email extractors can substantially speed up and improve the process of building email lists. With the help of it, a sales rep can channel efforts into revenue-generating campaigns rather than time-consuming data collecting tasks. After incorporating such software, sales teams see a 30% higher productivity rate.

But it’s not the only perk of such software. By the way, it also goes by the name LinkedIn email scraper.

Why do you need a LinkedIn email scraper?

Email bases can cost quite a lot. Here is where LinkedIn comes in handy. It can not only become your number one outreach channel, but also a source of emails. You only need a tool that will let you scrape those emails whenever you need.

How do you define LinkedIn data scraping?
How do you define LinkedIn data scraping?

LinkedIn data scraping is the process of importing information from LinkedIn into a spreadsheet or local file saved on your computer. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to get contact data from LinkedIn.

One of the ways to find an email is to open it right on someone’s LinkedIn profile.

On this pic you can see a free solution that extracts emails associated with a certain LinkedIn account.

Closely Surfer is a free extension that lets you export LinkedIn contact data and extract the most critical information in just a few minutes

The tool’s intuitive UI helps you execute data extraction and automate leadgen tasks in an easy manner.
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What to do with the emails you’ve found?

The list of things you can do with the emails you’ve found is almost endless. Start with:
The greatest benefit you have using LinkedIn scraper is in streamlining all those manual and repetitive processes to focus your time on other core sales efforts.
listBuild email lists
letterCreate email drip campaigns
loudspeakerNurture existing customers through content marketing
cakeFoster customer loyalty through communication and special offerings
suitcaseEnrich your document to find your prospects’ phone numbers and other contact data and do multichannel outreach & marketing

How to boost your email outreach with LinkedIn email extractor?

Data extractors, along with CRMs and automation software help you to reach the “sweet spot” — when you finally work with high-quality leads, while the manual leadgen work — finding emails, saving them in a CSV — is fully covered by a computer.
How to get emails from LinkedIn:
Step 1

Go to Google Chrome Store and install Closely Surfer. It’s free.

Add to Chrome It’s Free
Step 2

Go to LinkedIn and open your lead’s profile.

Step 3

Click on the icon that appeared at the top of the screen

Step 4

You’ll see lines with emails that we’ve managed to find. To reveal contact details, you’ll have to spend one credit. You’ll get 50 free credits once registered. 👏🏼👼🏼❤️🎉🌝🚿⚜️

Step 5

You can buy credits by clicking on Dashboard.

Step 6

You’ve been redirected to Closely, the registration page. If you don’t have an account, create it. It takes just a minute. Just provide your email and create a password.

Step 7

Sign in and get acquainted with your Closely dashboard. Closely is one of the most powerful LinkedIn automation and sales intelligence platforms.

Step 8

After registration, each new user gets 50 credits for free. You can now go back to LinkedIn and try to scrape an email. Voila!

googleClosely Surfer

can also extract data from other pages such as search results FOR FREE. It will convert the data scraped into a clean CSV and let you decide how many people to download per 1 file.
All you need to do is to perform your LinkedIn or Sales Navigator search and click on “Export to CSV”.
Define the number of people you’d like to export now and click on “Export CSV”.
That’s it. Open a ready-to-use file and proceed to your outreach campaign creation.

Add to Chrome It's Free

Closely Surfer

Turn your LinkedIn into actionable insights
Add to Chrome It's Free

What’s Closely?

It’s a lead intelligence and routine automation platform. Closely takes over all the routine repetitive tasks of your salespeople. It reduces the workload on your sales reps so they can focus more on the essential tasks like closing deals or reselling.

Closely will do:

Outreach automation
Outreach automation

Connection request + follow-ups running on autopilot. Upload people from groups, events, posts to reach high-quality leads.

You’ll be guarded by our onboarding videos step-by-step so don't worry.)

Robust analytics
Robust analytics

to see which campaigns succeed and which should be looked into.

Network Management
Network Management

Gather all the prospects in your network into specific groups according to your criteria.

Does automating LinkedIn connections still sound like something of a question mark for you?

Join Closely now and learn how to succeed on LinkedIn. Closely is free to try.
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And lots of other things. Here is just a glimpse into what you’re able to accomplish with the help of it:

linkedin logoWe always track the latest LinkedIn updates Sync as many LinkedIn accounts as you want
shieldMake use of a cloud-based solution that is 100% safe automation. We use warm-up period to ensure your LinkedIn account acts just like a human being
suitcaseAdvanced lead list building (leads from LinkedIn events, groups, posts)
character in curly bracketsVariables to personalize your messages (name, company name, location and so.on)
group of peopleNetwork Management - turn your regular LinkedIn network into a CRM
letter on the wayMessages to my network
databaseB2B contact database of 135+ mln records (emais, phone numbers, LinkedIn URLs) + data cleaning. The base is being enriched everyday
letterSmart Inbox with CRM features
templates50+ templates for your LinkedIn outreach campaigns
documentFree guides and resources on B2B sales
facebookThe biggest community for B2B sales experts on Facebook
heartAnd a lot more

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Common Questions

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Is scraping emails from LinkedIn a fully automated process?
Yes, Closely Surfer lets you save the results of your LinkedIn or Sales Navigator search in a blink of an eye. Just perform your search applying needed filters and click on Export results.
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How do you ensure the quality of emails?
Closely Surfer helps to extract emails from LinkedIn pages. Those are emails associated with LinkedIn accounts — people used them to register on LinkedIn. We also find business emails of these people if they’re available. It means that you can be sure that your email base is going to be highly accurate. However, you can always run data cleaning — it’s an upcoming feature in Closely.
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How to scrape phone numbers?
As of now, you can only scrape emails with the help of Closely Surfer.