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Email Finder & LinkedIn
Scraping Extension

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Save search results as a
CSV file in one click
Save search results as a
CSV file in one click

Use downloaded CSV files in your outreach campaigns or add to your CRM.

All user contact details in
one place
All user contact details in
one place

Have all data displayed in one place: name, email, phone number, company name.

Your safety is paramount to us

  • Optimize sales funnel
  • Grow conversations faster
  • Enjoy shortcuts while obtaining more leads

Common Questions

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How do I add Surfer Chrome Extension?
To install the Surfer Chrome Extension, open a new Google tab and google “Closely Surfer Extension”. Click on the link that will lead you to the Chrome Web Store where you can click on “add extension” and get it installed.
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Does Closely Surfer work with Sales Navigator?
Not yet, but it will in the future.
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What data do I get through Closely Surfer?
Closely will reveal a person's email address associated with their LinkedIn profile.
It will also show their phone number and job title.
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Is Closely Surfer GDPR compliant?
Our team is very meticulous about data privacy and the whole legal team is working on ensuring constant compliance with the provisions of the GDPR as to any information in its possession regarding European Union-based persons.

As such, we only process information on data subjects where it has a lawful basis to do so. To learn more about our privacy policy, visit our privacy hub.

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Where does Closely Surfer get data from?
Our own database that contains public records and publicly available information. We’ve been creating it for many years. We also license data from our partners.
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Can Closely Surfer extract emails from a website?
No, it cannot be done through Closely Surfer. Many websites don’t have relevant emails. If you want to use those emails for your prospecting, it’s better to define specifically who you want to target within a company and do research on LinkedIn. Save the result of your search using Closely Surfer and put your CSV file into any data enrichment tool to find those people’s emails.

You can also just directly go to Closely (closelyhq.com) and drill down by location, company size, company name etc. sieving out your potential audience that is high-quality leads. Closely Explorer will reveal their email addresses.
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How is Closely Surfer different from other LinkedIn extractors?
First of all, Closely Surfer is free. Export leads, reveal contact info on profiles without burning your pocket. Second, it’s pretty intuitive. Third, we’re working all the time to bring new features that will let you:

  -  build your sales pipeline faster
  -  drill down to find your best prospects on LinkedIn and export them in one click
  -  Withdraw pending connections and use shortcuts for other tasks

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