Company Directory

This catalogue is a huge corporate contacts database that is here to become your go-to destination for pumping in fresh, accurate B2B contact data. It doesn’t matter whether you need to find emails, LinkedIn profiles of your prospects, their phone numbers, company information or all of these combined, Closely Catalogue is there for you. Closely database is a product of our research and many years of work in the data industry. We renew the data regularly, so you can be sure the business database here will serve your prospecting purposes nicely.

A part of the data comes to us from insider bases (our partners’ business databases or base companies), the other part is the fruit of researching open sources.

That’s why, we totally believe that having access to our base is obviously the way to do that. Besides, it is not only beneficial for you, but also for us, as we have more feedback and can see how we can make it even more powerful for you and your sales team.

You can find a company of your interest, company information. It‘s both a people database and a corporate contacts database.

Just like a juicer that squeezes fruits to make you a tasty drink, Closely will process input data and run through our base to put up the list of relevant data according to your inquiry. Obviously, this kind of data is a powerful asset to leadgen teams and sales teams of any sizes and on any stage of the funnel. But also, among our dear customers there are recruiters, marketers and researchers.