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  • Import Your Contacts to CRM
  • Create Deals in Inbox
  • Save a wealth of Your Time
  • Synchronize LinkedIn with HubSpot in 1 click

Connect Your LinkedIn Data With HubSpot: The Easiest Way Possible
Effective сommunication

Communicate with your LinkedIn prospects more efficiently & deliver spotless customer experience at each step of a sales funnel.
Data access made easy

Access the needed data about interactions with your prospects — whenever you need it.
Connected customer experience

Use HubSpot to engage LinkedIn leads & increase up-sells through connected customer experience.

Integrating LinkedIn leads with HubSpot
Integrating LinkedIn leads with HubSpot
You’ve reached the desired number of leads, generated from LinkedIn. They’re all in your Inbox and you’re in touch with them, going through hecks of a seesaw, coming closer to signing that deal. The next step is to organize your interactions with leads in a way that will let you act on insights quickly, and get in touch with your leads right on time.

Time to connect your CRM to put the whole lead nurturing process at scale, and get a more thorough picture of how your sales pipeline works by visualizing it.If you have HubSpot and need to push your LinkedIn leads to it to take the guesswork out of your lead nurturing — you’ve arrived at the right place.
Closely is the connector that will easily pump leads into your HubSpot, hurdle-free
Closely is the connector that will easily pump leads into your HubSpot, hurdle-free
The process of integration is unbelievably easy: spare a wealth of time on seeking the right solution for importing LinkedIn contacts to HubSpot. No effort whatsoever: literally just click on one button and enjoy integration with your CRM to revamp your sales & yield deeper customer experiences & data-backed results.
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Synchronize your LinkedIn connections with HubSpot in a matter of clicks
Synchronize your LinkedIn connections with HubSpot in a matter of clicks
By clicking on the “Add to CRM” button, you can push all your LinkedIn connections into HubSpot and have a bigger picture of all interactions with your prospects at your fingertips.

Transfer notes and tags from Closely to HubSpot to save all the important information about the ongoing deals and interactions. Synchronize your conversations with HubSpot to keep tabs on your interactions with LinkedIn prospects & customers.

Closely has your back if you need to add LinkedIn contacts to HubSpot here and now, and without going broke paying for multiple third-party tools.

Closely is there to bring powerful LinkedIn automaton solutions & rev up your sales team

from sending automated messages to using LinkedIn Network Intelligence, you can simply boost your sales in a matter of months. This is a true affordable miracle, we agree with that. But that’s not the only method of how to get the employee list of a company. 

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How to import LinkedIn contacts to HubSpot

Find any connection and click on "Add to HubSpot"

The connection will be sent to HubSpot within a few seconds.

Wait till the trigger goes on

After the trigger went on (for instance, a person replied to your message), expect the connection to be sent to your HubSpot automatically.

Mass synchronization

Tick all the needed contacts and click on “sync with HubSpot” — all the ticked contacts will be synced within a minute.

Why does a sales rep need to connect LinkedIn to HubSpot?
Why does a sales rep need to connect LinkedIn to HubSpot?
To stay effective in the B2B sales environment, you need to have only fresh & reliable data about interactions with your prospects, put together in one place. With all the needed data connected at one place, silos between teams & crystal clear pipelines, you can nurture leads effectively & deliver a remarkably connected customer experience.

HubSpot is one of the greatest CRM that will let you turn LinkedIn lead generation into a synchronized process to increase sales numbers & grow better.
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Sync connections with HubSpot right in LinkedIn
Sync connections with HubSpot right in LinkedIn
Synchronize your connections with HubSpot without leaving LinkedIn. Install Chrome Extension, log in to your account, open your prospect’s page and click on Create deal. You’ll be redirected to HubSpot where you can fill in all the necessary details of the deal.
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Once you have all the interactions tracked and all the contact info stored in oneplace, it’s much easier to:
Find, attract & delight prospects

All the contact data connected at one place to fuel your sales.
Optimize workflow

Manage your workflow effectively and make sure key prospects are contacted on time.
Deliver best-in-class customer experience

Engage with customers and deliver exceptional services. Educate your customers and increase up-sells.
Get you sales team unified through a connected CRM

Use HubSpot to share context between team members & grow better.

closely connection with hubspot
Connect Closely with HubSpot

Quit switching tools and work from one place. Integrate to HubSpot in 60 seconds and supercharge your workflows in 1 click.

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Common Questions

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Is my data safe during LinkedIn and Hubspot syncing?
Yes. It’s an encrypted process and third parties cannot get access to data transfer.
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Can I import my LinkedIn contacts into Hubspot?
Yes. It’s the main and most important feature of this integration. You have several contact export options from Closely to Hubspot.
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How long does it take to synchronize?
t doesn't take long. The duration depends on the volume of the data. For instance, mass synchronization requires up to 1 minute for 100 contacts. Everything happens in the cloud, so you don’t have to keep your computer turned on.