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How an Email Finder Can Transform Your Sales Game

Arm your sales team with ideal prospects lists and verified email addresses and just watch how they get things done.

What’s an Email Finder?

An Email Finder tool 🔍 is a piece of software that pulls anyone’s email from a certain base of emails.
Its search engine is usually equipped with a certain number of filters to help you form the audience you need 
(if you want to get emails of a group of prospects) or simply find the needed person by using a combination of filters. Those filters can be geography, job title, company name.
How Does It Help In Sales?
How Does It Help In Sales?

You may be looking for the email address of some decision maker to send them your business offer. You may be a headhunter looking for ways to acquire the email of a very good job candidate. There can be various reasons why you want to obtain someone’s email. Email Finder tool is one of the proven ways to get the email you’re looking for.

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A high-quality email base can be pivotal to your sales game

To ensure productivity, you need to set up a flow of leads, and your sales team is able to do that with a good, solid database at their fingertips.

How Does an Email Search Tool Work?
How Does an Email Search Tool Work?

An average email search tool (or email lookup tool) will display filters used to access the needed group of people or a person.


Once you’ve selected the needed parameters out of the filters, you’ll see the list of all people who fit the criteria of your search.


You can go through the list and pull that very email you’re looking for (along with other contact details). By simply clicking on “Open”, you’ll reveal all the contact details attached to this contact. 


Thus, knowing a person’s company name and location you can easily fish up their emails and other contact data for your sales purposes.

Who will benefit from using an email search tool?

Email search tools are perfect assets of sales teams
Email search tools are perfect assets of sales teams

They let them filter out the base according to certain criteria and pull the contact info of the whole group of prospects. They can then reach out to that group by setting up automated campaigns. Thanks to such a tool, a sales team never runs out of data! The quantity and quality of data you source in directly affects the productivity of your sales team.

Besides, email search tools provide
Besides, email search tools provide

An option of downloading the list of prospects you’ve pulled, along with their emails and other contact information (telephone numbers, FB and LI profiles), which is perfect because you don’t have to do the whole procedure of copying and pasting emails in GoogleSpreadsheet

That is why an email search tool is the #1 software for sales teams as it totally ensures productivity boost. It just helps you stay productive no matter what!

Recruiters will certainly enjoy being able to access the emails of some perfect job candidates anytime they need it.

How to find company email addresses?
How to find company email addresses?

Some of the email lookup tools search emails by domain. You can simply type in the domain name of a company and the tool will show the contact info. There are also extensions that allow you to open email addresses right in the website interface. Or you can do an email account search inside such a tool.

Closely Email Address Locator

Closely Email Address Locator can help you find any contact details of prospects. Going into specifics, it can provide numerous ways of finding emails based on your knowledge of name and surname, company name, domain name and job title.

closely extension on linkedin webpage
Finding emails on LinkedIn profiles

You can open someone’s email on a LinkedIn page using Closely email finder tool. To do that, simply go to the needed LinkedIn page and hit “Open”. You should have Closely Surfer installed. WithClosely Surfer you can also export your LinkedIn search results, withdraw pending invitations, and reveal company info.

closely extension collected info about linkedin user
Search by name and surname

If you know your target person’s name and surname, you can look them up on LinkedIn. Next thing you do - reveal their contact info right on LinkedIn profile pages using Closely extension.

closely application on the Lead Finder dashboard with filter options
Search by company name and job title

If you know your target person’s company name and job title, you can go to Closely Lead Finder and look up their email address in the Closely database. Simply create your account on to do that.

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Use needed filters or a combination of filters and hit “search”

Find the email address you’re looking for among the results produced. You can also get their phone numbers and company insights in one click.

How to start using Closely Email Finder?
How to start using Closely Email Finder?

Closely is a breeze to use. Just go to its front page and hit “Sign up”. Put your email address in the field and think up the password.

Once you’re in, go to the Lead Finder tab
Once you’re in, go to the Lead Finder tab

Type the name of the company and select the needed department and you’ll immediately get search results.

Video tutorials
Video tutorials

Closely also has built-in video tutorials to simplify your journey and get the hang of the tool’s specifics.

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Common Questions

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How exactly does Closely find emails?
We own a database of business contacts. We also use other methods to acquire email addresses from the open sources.
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How do I pay for the opened email?
One opened record of contact data (email, phone number, and other data) costs you one credit. It will be charged automatically. The number of credits you can purchase varies depending on the plan you select.
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Can I export the emails I opened in a file?
Yes, you can export the data you’ve acquired in a file. First, you save emails in the list and then you export the list.
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What other contact information can I acquire?
First name, last name, work and direct emails, phone number, job title, location, company name and website, team size, revenue and funding.
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Do you sell email databases?
No. We don’t sell databases.
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Should I check the correctness of an email address I obtain through your base?
We suggest you validate the obtained emails. The base takes some time to get refreshed. In case a person, for instance, changes a job and gets new email, the old email may be irrelevant. Email validation solves this problem – just do a quick check with a Closely built-in email validator and get fresh email statuses. It's free, we do not charge for email verification.