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Closely DPO

Who is a DPO?

GDPR as well as other local data-protection laws outline that companies that deal with personal data need to have a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”). A DPO is a person responsible for ensuring privacy compliance in a company.

The vital responsibility of our DPO is to validate that Closely processes the personal data entrusted to us in a lawful, fair, and transparent way, according to applicable data-privacy regulations, both European and local. This professional is in charge of many duties like: (1) monitoring actual data-privacy regulations and best practices in a market to implementing fair data-protection initiatives; (2) assessing, reviewing, and improving internal policies and processes; (3) conducting data protection impact assessments and other examinations required by the regulation and our partners; (4) monitoring our products and services for data-protection compliance; (5) providing all the necessary support to our customers and other data subjects, etc.

Why contacting Closely DPO may be handy?

You may contact our DPO if you need information on how to exercise your rights, including raise a concern or complain about the handling of your personal information, bring into play any of your rights, or receive any of your data-related information. It can also help you with navigation in our policies and processes linked to your data processing.

What should I know before submitting a request?

If you send us (via our DPO or directly) any request to exercise your rights, please note that we will store information you submitted (name, email address, time and location markers of a request, all information you provided to us with a request, and any documents attached thereto) for the record keeping purpose as applicable data-protection regulations require from us. We will keep such data for 2 years. Please find out more on how we process your data in Closely Privacy Policy.

When submitting a request, please specify only accurate and reliable data of yours since the outcome of the inquiry directly depends on the data we receive from you. If we cannot identify you as our customer or a respective data subject or we find the request suspicious, we may decline it or even report fraud to protect the data.

How can I contact the DPO at Closely?

Please submit this form to contact our Data Protection Officer.